Hello world!

Published December 29, 2010 by jeaniel47

Hi all!! this is my first “blog” so you may have to bear with me as I will learn as I go. First off I think everyone should learn something new everyday so here we go – Did you know that a female kangaroo is called a doe, flyer or jill?

For my first post I hope that I can make some of you quite happy. Did you know that millions of Americans have money that is just waiting for them to claim it? It is your money, no strings attached, no fees to collect it. They are bank acccounts you have forgotten about, deposits left on accounts when you moved, money left to you from a deceased realative. Try checking out Missingmoney.com, type in your name, a friends name, your mom or dad, sister or brother and see what you might find. I have found money for lots of people that I know. In several cases it was $1000+. I love playing with that website. Good luck !

Now I want to end each of my posts with “Have you ever”, so here is the first one –

Have you ever won any money playing the lottery? I won $20,000 on a scratch ticket once, boy was that a nice surprise!


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