Another Year is gone….

Published December 30, 2010 by jeaniel47

Did you know that there are 24 times zones?

Another year is gone and again I wonder did I get everything done that I wanted to???? and of course the answer is no. I was able to get my books published so that is thing that I can check off of my life’s to do list. I was able to travel to Florida, so that is another state that I had never been to before, check that one off. Loss weight – can’t check that one off. I know that no matter your age you have probably heard this a million times, but the older you get the faster the years seem to go. Make yourself a to do list and make sure that you do at least one of those things every year or trust me you will wake up and wonder where the years have gone.

Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?


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