Childhood Memories

Published January 6, 2011 by jeaniel47

Did you know 62 – 78 million people died in World War II?

What brings back childhood memories for you? My cousin used to own a restaurant where I learned about working for a living, from busboy(person is probably now more politically correct), to dishwasher, to waitress, to bartender. I remember it as hard work, but also a lot of fun. There were a lot of regulars that you got to know personally and as friends. The one thing that restaurant was known for was deep fat fried chicken. I made that for supper tonight with her original recipe and was instantly taken back 40 years. I could hear the jukebox playing, even remembering the songs that it played. I remember learning how to make the ice cream after dinner drinks that stood a good 4 -5 inches above the glasses like mounds of colored snow. I remember the Saturday night after everything was cleaned up for the night and every one was tired from the hard work, we all found lots of energy when we decorated for Christmas. Putting up the Christmas tree, hanging the decorations from the ceiling and the carboard santa, with flexible arms that hung on the front door. I was often guilty of putting santa’s hands in unique positions. I will leave that one to your imagination. Sometimes it is good to just take a few minutes and remember those times from your life and smile.

Have you ever – eaten fresh fallen snow?


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