Songs and Memories

Published January 7, 2011 by jeaniel47

Did you know Elvis was 19 when he recorded his first song?

Tonight on the way home “Remember When” came on the radio. I love that song. I remember the music of those little feet that we danced to week to week. I also remember when 30 seemed so old and yes it is just a stepping stone. Isn’t it funny the memories a song can bring to us. My husband and I danced to that song at our daughter’s wedding. It is the only time I remember the two of us really dancing, as I am just not a dancer. That memory has a special place in my heart. You’ll always be my baby makes me think of my son. Any song about fathers brings back memories of my dad who passed too soon. Elvis songs remind me of being a young girl going to the movies on Saturday afternoons with my cousins. Usually songs make me smile, a few make me cry. Thank you to everyone who writes the songs and then sings them for us to love, bringing back all of those wonderful memories.

Have you ever been to Graceland?


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