Published February 14, 2011 by jeaniel47

Grandma and Grandpa are watching the two grandsons for 3 days. One is 3 and one is 1 1/2. This is the first time they have stayed with us for this long. It all started with “Mom do you have any PTO?”. Our daughter had to go to school for three days for a job with hospice. I am quite proud of her, as that will have to be one hard job. I admire the people that can do it, but still don’t know how they do it. I worked in a nursing home for one day when I was 18, it just broke my heart. Anyway, it is quite different to have two young ones in your house again. The questions are non stop. There are toys everywhere and the dog chases them non stop wanting to be where ever they are. Right now it is nap time and it reminds me of when my own kids were little and you have a few minutes to do what you want to or need to. I just threw in a load of laundry, there are the lunch dishes to do and boy, I think I could use a nap too!  Instead I am here, wanting to tell you all what a blessing grandchildren are. The smiles and hugs they give. The laughter of little voices in the house is like music. Tonight we will have a bubble bath and I am sure the bathroom will be drenched before we are done. What a wonderful way to spend a few vacation days! :O)


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