Grandbabies Day 3

Published February 16, 2011 by jeaniel47

Well this is our last day to watch the grandbabies. It was a long night as the little one has a cold and spent most of the night coughing. I remember that well from when our children were little, but still it is different when it is a grandchild. You are left in charge of your baby’s baby and that is a whole different responsibility. You are even more cautious than you were with your children. And let’s face it, you are a little out of practice. You are used to going to sleep and not waking up until that unrelenting alarm goes off in the morning. Now you have to try and remember how it is that the slightest cough can wake you out of a sound sleep, something that used to come so naturally. It is quite obvious to me why we have children when we are young, old grandma is tired today. When our kids were little, you could be up all night and still rise at 5 and get ready for work, work eight hours and start it all over again. I have to admit that I am glad their mom will be here tonight, so grandma can sleep before going back to work tomorrow.

Grandma and the three year old worked on painting a bird house today that grandpa had built. It is fun to watch him pick the colors and then grandma has to transform what ever color paint he picks into a design. I find he prefers blues and purples, as does his grandma and his mom. Hopefully when he comes back this summer he will be proud of the work he and grandma did together.

I had hoped that the three of us could go for a walk, since the Iowa weather has finally turned a bit warmer. In the mid 30’s right now. But since we have one that is not feeling well, guess we will have to table that idea until the next visit. It is so much fun to go walking with them, they see the world through totally different eyes than adults do. It amazes me, the little things they notice and we adults tend to miss in the hurry of our lives. I look forward to that walk later this year.

Well, grandma had better get busy, since nap time seems to pass quickly and there is much to do.


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