Published February 27, 2011 by jeaniel47

Is there such a thing as a day without chocolate?

I remember as a child that we never had dessert. Once in a great while my mom would make chocolate chip cookies. There were a real treat.  Also, just jumped into my brain – once a week I would get a bottle of pop! Isn’t it funny how time has changed things. I have a diet Dew at my side 24 hours a day and there is no such thing as a day without chocolate! I am not sure that there is anything chocolate that I don’t like…. this is the best time of the year as Cadbury little easter eggs are now in the stores. The crunch of the outside shell that releases that wonderful, smooth chocolate inside… I may have to stop writing and run to the store right now!!! Think about it – Butterfinger, M & M’s, Junior Mints, Malted Milk Balls, Andes Mints, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate…. what is there not to like??? Snickers… that is one that is no longer on my list… when you start you get old, you start to get old people’s diseases, so my diverticulitis says no more nuts… that just cut out a lot from my list… damn. Maybe that is God’s way of telling me that I have had more chocolate than my fair share. OHHHH just thought of Lindor Truffles…. like I said…. I LOVE chocolate!


2 comments on “Chocolate

  • I love chocolate too. Though over the years I am beginning to like less types of milk chocolate instead preferring dark. I have turned into my mother!

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