Why Does it Take Women So Long to Get Ready to Go?

Published March 6, 2011 by jeaniel47

Today I was getting ready to take a shower and yes this is disgusting, but I noticed that I must have missed saving my arm pits the last couple of times….ooooooohhhhh icccckkkkk!!!! It made me stop and think. Men are always complaining about how long it takes a woman to get ready to go somewhere, well…..

Besides shaving or waxing armpits and legs, bikini line if you are still in shape to wear one, we pluck or wax our eyebrows and our “stashes”, though we don’t want you to know that. When we put on our makeup, first we cleanse, tone, mask… all before we use a concealer to help hide those little wrinkles or in some cases big ones, and any of life’s little imperfections, then liquid makeup, then powder and blush. On to the eyes, where we use eyeliner, mascara and several shades of eye shawdow to get the tones just right. Now for the hair, we condition after we shampoo. We color or highlight. We use hot rollers or curling irons if we have straight hair and a flat iron if we have curly hair. I wonder why the woman that are born with straight hair want curly and the ones born with curly want straight?????? We use lotion on our skin to try and keep that soft baby like feel. Still we have the nails, we buff and shape until they look just right. Then we apply the base coat before several layers of polish and finally the finish coat to protect it so we don’t have to do it again tomorrow. Praying all the time that we don’t smear it and have to start all over again. When we have time we polish our toe nails for that finished look, just in case anyone might see our toes other than our selves and all of this is before we try to find the right outfit to wear and then the matching jewelry.

Men get up, shave or not. Maybe pull a few nose hairs. Maybe if it is a special occasion they might splash on a little cologne, throw on some clothes and are ready to go….. life just isn’t fair….


One comment on “Why Does it Take Women So Long to Get Ready to Go?

  • Ahhhhh, Thank you Jeanie! I love this, so true to why it takes us so long. Our men need to understand all that we go through.

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