Published March 11, 2011 by jeaniel47

When was the last time that you made anything from scratch? Not cookies that you bought the dough in the grocery store. Not a pie with a premade frozen crust? I mean totally, completely from scratch? When our kids were growing up I did this quite often, that is how I was raised. We didn’t have all the “conveniences” of today’s world. You mixed the cookie dough, then you and the kids are it raw, right from the bowl. Doesn’t that just make your mouth water? I really do love to bake…can’t you just smell fresh bread right out of the oven? Now that my husband is diabetic I rarely make any kind of treats from scratch. Last summer I did make creamy rhubarb pie with a real merignue topping. The sweetness of the creamy filling with the tartness of the rhubarb, oh my it was excellent. Normally when I do make something now all my neighbors get to enjoy some also, so it doesn’t tempt my husband. A few years ago we planted some apple and pear trees in our back yard. I love apple crisp from apples right off of the tree, warm with a little whipped topping.

OK, I am challenging each of you to make something from scratch.

I do have to share with you the first pie I made was for my husband when we first got married. It was cherry. His all time favorite. I worked hard on that pie, in fact too hard. I worked and worked that pie dough to make a crust. When it came out of the oven I was so proud, even though it was only about 1/2 high, not enough filling. The crust was horrible and quite tough, but my loving husband ate it and smiled. It sat on the kitchen counter that night and the next morning it was covered with ants. My husband pretended to be upset, but today he will tell you that he was never so glad to see ants before in his whole life.  The point is I tried and yes there were times where I failed again, but finally I did conquer the art of baking much to the entire family’s delight.


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