Whats in a Name?

Published March 12, 2011 by jeaniel47

When my husband and I were going to have our kids, we thought long and hard about what we would name them. I wanted short, simple names so no one would give them a nickname. My actual name is Jeanette and rarely as I called that… it has to be something really official for me to hear that name! My own parents never called me that, ever…. so why did they name me that? I will never understand.

Does a name really have some portion in determining who are and who you will become? I think it does to some degree. It determines whether or not you get teased as  child by other kids, and that has to affect who you are and how you relate to others then, which teaches you how to relate to others for the rest of your life…

Here is a list of worst baby names ever from the internet – what were these parent thinking??????

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You Named Me What!

Worst Baby Names Ever

1.Pina Colada

2.Cosmo Ranger



5.Meadow Hill





10.Happy Day

11.Candy Stohr

12.Seamore Butts


14.Harry Bush


16.Harry Pitts



19.Page Turner





24.I’ Am

25.Evil Blessings


27.Hunter Fisher

28.Lotta Bull

29.Nighten Day


 Ok, if you named your baby something strange, I am sure you must have had some good reason at the time…. I just don’t know what it might have been…


2 comments on “Whats in a Name?

  • It’s just sad to know that there are baby names which will make you think if their parents just made fun of them.. 😦

    I’m just so thankful that my name is not of those names. My name came from the combination of my grandparent’s .. 🙂

    nice post! 🙂

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