Old Pictures #1

Published March 13, 2011 by jeaniel47

My daughter and I were looking through old pictures for a project that she is working on. We had a most wonderful time. So many memories. We chuckled and talked as we remembered what we were doing in each one. I have decided that for a while I will be attaching an old picture from those mounds of pictures shoved in a cardboard box, because I never seem to have time to sort them and put them in photo albums.

The first one that I am attaching is one of my son Adam in his Halloween costume that I so proudly made for him. If you are a Stephen King fan, you will understand the following. When he was several years older, Adam watched the mini series “IT” with me and now he is officially one of the people in the world that hates clowns. That is why I find this picture to be so funny. I can hardly wait for him to see it and see what he has to say….


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