American Flag

Published March 16, 2011 by jeaniel47

As I sit here and try to decide what to write about today I watch our American flag flying brightly in the Spring sky. From our house I can see 5 American flags that are flown by different families. One family is a young couple with a small child and the husband is in the National Guard. Next door their sons both served in the military. Next to them the now 80 something gentleman served. Across the street on the corner is the family that lost their husband and father in Afghanistan. That was a sad day. My husband called me when he saw the military car pull up and the officer in full uniform went to the door, we knew what that meant.

 When our son was in Iraq, with the 82nd Airborne for fifteen months, every night when I came home, I prayed that there would not be a car that I did not recognize in front of our house. We are one of the lucky families, our son made it home safely. His best friend did not. He was killed by a sniper. I can not imagine the pain that family, and so many others have endured. Yet our country does this in the name of freedom.

My husband served in the Marines as did two of his brothers. Another served in the Navy. My dad fought in WWII in the Army and received the Bronze Star. My step-dad retired from the AirForce, having served in WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam. Ever since I was a small child the American flag has flown in our yard. I smiled when a couple of years ago our daughter asked for a flag and flag pole for her birthday. I am proud to live in America, though we are not perfect. We have so many freedoms and privileges that so many people in this world do not share. We are truly blessed. I remember after 9-11 everyone wanted to fly a flag… I wish that had continued.


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