Picture #3 Kids and Carboard Boxes

Published March 17, 2011 by jeaniel47

Just what is it with kids and cardboard boxes? Why is when you buy them expensive toys they just want to play with the boxes? This is a picture of our daughter when she was just a little younger and somehow the box ended up on her head. I know somewhere I have a picture of her sitting inside of a cardboard box. Once when our son was little we had a large cardboard box, like an appliance comes in and we let them play with it. Our son had been extremely quiet for quite a while so I decided that I had better check on him. He was using the box for a “tent” and he had built a “campfire” in his tent. The tent was pretend, the fire was real. The biggest problem with this whole situation was that he did all of this in the spare bedroom! Beware of kids playing with cardboard boxes!


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