Picture #4 Home

Published March 17, 2011 by jeaniel47

I found this old picture of the first house that I ever lived in. My dad and my grandpa built it. The bottom part is completely garage and workshop. Upstairs there was a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom. There was a thunder bucket under the bed for when you had to go to the bathroom. My twin bed was end to end with my mom & dad’s bed, with just enough room to walk along one side. There was a stove that burnt wood for heat and in the kitchen sink is where you took a bath. On the other side that you can not see there were outside steps that you walked up to get into the house. I honestly don’t remember walking up them in the winter, but that must have been quite fun in the snow and ice. I do remember that there was a large tree that held a huge nest of wasps that you had to try and dodge to get into the house. My dad used some kind of burner to kill those horrible creatures before they stung us. Downstairs in the garage was a lot of fun. Dad was always building something. In the spring it held seed for the farmers. I am sure my dad must have rented out the space to the local seed salesman. When it was time for my mom to kill the chickens she would chop off their heads and they would run around the yard until they apparently finally bled to death and then they took a bath in a tub of hot water, inside the garage. I remember that I had to help to pick the feathers off of the chickens. Trust me the smell of chicken feathers in hot water is a smell you will never forget for your entire life! We lived in this house until I was eight, when we moved to a small house with actual running water, an inside toilet and a bath tub! We thought we were in heaven, though I have no bad memories of the first house our family shared. Life was simpler… maybe it was better that way…


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