Picture #5 Cowboy boots

Published March 17, 2011 by jeaniel47

Is there anything in the whole world as exciting as getting your first pair of cowboy boots for any little boy? Is there any little boy who hasn’t dreamt of being a cowboy? Is that still a dream for little boys now? I know my little grandson loves to wear a cowboy hat. Our son could spend hours riding that pretend horse and shooting the bad guys with his toy gun. I remember as a child pretending to be riding a horse. We never had a horse, but a neighbor and my cousins did and I was in heaven when I got to ride the real thing.  There was nothing better in the whole world than riding a horse. The last time I tried it, the wonder was gone. I was about 25 and the horse definitely controlled me. I guess as a child you have less fear and the joy of it just takes over. As a young adult I found I was afraid of the large animal who’s back I sat on. Why do we let that happen to us?


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