Published March 19, 2011 by jeaniel47

I have strong feelings about suicide. I just don’t think that it is ever the right answer. I have been there where life seems impossible, nothing is going right and yes at that moment it may seem like the easy, maybe only answer. But I am here to tell you life does get better. You may have rough spots again, but there are better times to come! I personally knew a man who committed suicide and I could never understand. He had three beautiful, young daughters. There were so many happy memories to come from those girls, and now he has missed them all. The day they graduate from high school, their first prom, their wedding day, their children. There is nothing so bad that it is worth giving up all of those beautiful times to come. We each have a purpose on this earth and we should not cheat that purpose. Maybe what you are going through right now is a lesson to help you with that purpose. We continue to learn each day that we live on this earth, we become better and stronger people from the lessons we learn. They may not be big things, sometimes the little things help us learn more than we will ever know. So whatever is going on in your life, I promise, it will get better!


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