What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

Published April 4, 2011 by jeaniel47

Did you have a dream as a child about what you wanted to be when you grew up? Do you remember what that was? I always loved science.. biology, chemistry… wish I had gone to school for something in the medical field. I love a puzzle. I think I may have really enjoyed research. I remember one person in our class that we all called Doc. He wanted so badly to be a doctor and I am sure he would have been a great one. Somehow life – marriage, kids, work, bills… all seem to get in the way. I do enjoy the job I have now, but always wonder what could have been. Sometimes I think things happen as they are supposed too. If I had gone on to college and followed that dream I would have never met my husband and have the two wonderful children I have been blessed with, and the two wonderful grandsons our daughter has given us. Think about it as a parent, if you move your children they will not meet and marry the person they would have if you didn’t move…. isn’t that a strange and yet interesting thought…..


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