Only my husband

Published April 20, 2011 by jeaniel47

All night tonight my husband has been complaining about his shoe not fitting right. He checks his sock and makes sure that it is on straight, but it doesn’t help. He keeps wiggling his toes, something is just not right. Now I have to let you know that he has worn these shoes for at least three months already, but it is tonight that they start to bother him. Finally he takes the shoe off and sticks his hand inside the shoe. He says “what the hell is that?” Inside the shoe is the paper that they stuff the shoe with when they are new… it has been in the shoe for the past three months that he has been wearing them and doesn’t even realize it until now… tell me just how does someone do that? How can you not tell that there is something in your shoe? I just don’t get it…..


One comment on “Only my husband

  • Oh Jeanie I love this! I literally laughed out loud. I have a few family members who have done things like this. An uncle of mine walked around on a frog in his boot all day at work once, took his boot off to find a very squished dead frog. Men!?!

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