Elderly Parents

Published April 21, 2011 by jeaniel47

I am blessed to still have my mother around. She is 83 and living at home by herself. Still, she makes our lives interesting. To say that she has a schedule she follows is an understatement. I can tell you just about any minute of any day what she is doing. It is the same thing week in and week out. Wednesdays at 8 am she gets her groceries, because that is the time that the store opens and she likes it better when there is no one else there in her way when she shops. On Thursdays she gets her hair done at the same place, same time as she had for years. She does her bedding on a certain day, dusts on a certain day, vacuums on a certain day and on and on…. Now to the interesting part…. she expects that my husband and I should be on the same kind of schedule. She wants to know exactly where we are every minute. She hates it if we go to town, “I like it better when you are here” (3 blocks away). My husband moves her snow in the winter and the entire deck (6′ X 14′ ) has to be shoveled, including the railings! Yes, we had snow this week in Iowa but some people had mowed their lawns, so oh my hers had to be done too. Good husband that I have, he did it today, just to keep her happy. One day she called me that she had a letter from the Veteran’s Administration and I needed to come and fill it our RIGHT AWAY – it was IMPORTANT and needed to be mailed back NOW. I obliged and went down to complete the questionnaire. When I got there I read the letter and the entire letter consisted on one question – did you get married last year, yes or no….. I am not kidding. I filled it out for her like a good daughter and we got it mailed. Some times you just have to chuckle to help keep your sanity. My husband reminds me that some day I will be old too….


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