Life Changes

Published April 25, 2011 by jeaniel47

I know that my kids think I am getting old, but in the whole scheme of things 55 is not really all that old. Still when I think about the changes that I have seen in just my life I find it amazing –

  • I grew up with rotary phones and party lines, you had to wait until the other people on your line were done talking before you could make a phone call. You could also listen in to their conversations,which everyone did
  • Until I was 8, we did not have indoor plumbing, which means we went to the bathroom in a porcelain pot that sat in the bedroom closet or you went out side to the outhouse. You took a bath in the kitchen sink with water warmed on the stove.
  • I remember when we got our first color TV, until then you watched in black and white or you bought one of those little plastic like things that was blue on the top, yellow in the middle and green on the bottom that made things look like they were in color.
  • I remember when you pulled into a gas station and they pumped your gas, washed your windows and checked your oil – yes every time Charity!
  • I remember the first time I went to a McDonald’s and had a hamburger… I think is was 15 cents
  • I remember going to drive in movies, a whole bunch of you would pile into a car and watch a movie under the stars
  • I remember when Mountain Dew first came out and it was all about hillbillys – YaHooo!!!
  • A candy bar was really a treat that you got once a month, not on a daily basis
  • I remember going to my grandmother’s so she could sew my new clothes for school, which I think meant a couple of dresses
  • Grandma and Grandpa also had a real bathroom, with a real bathtub…. oh taking a bath at their house was such a luxury!
  • I remember going to the country doctor and you took turns, who ever was there first got in first. You just patiently waited
  • I remember playing outside all day, you never even thought about coming in the house until you absolutely had too and no one had to worry that you were ok
  • I remember sitting in my parents garden and eating fresh peas right out of the pod…..they were so good!
  • I remember the first man walking on the moon

Isn’t it funny how quickly life changes…


2 comments on “Life Changes

  • I am going to petition to bring back the days of gas being pumped by the station and my windows cleaned! LOL I love your list, and you are NOT old!

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