School Bus Ride

Published April 27, 2011 by jeaniel47

Did you ever have the pleasure of riding the school bus back and forth to school? I did for most of 13 years. I finally got a car in the second half of my senior year, otherwise you would find me on the school bus. The driver of our school bus for a lot of those years lived in the little town where I lived, so we got on first and off last. It was 45 minutes every morning and every night on that old bus. You made friends and enemies on those bus rides. The bus driver when I first started school was named Robbie and he was a great person to be a bus driver. Really good with all of the kids. On the last day of school each year he would stop at the drive in restaurant and we all got to have an ice cream cone, paid for by Robbie. When the cones we gone we were allowed to start the annual water balloon fight. It was an awesome day, that last day of school. I remember one day when I was a little older and a different driver that my girlfriend and I were the only two on the bus. We decided to hide down below the seats and the driver was not happy. He finally stopped the bus and made us get off and walk the last mile home. Needless to say, we never did that again, being in trouble with the driver and with out parents. There was on other driver who also owned a bar and according to a lot of adults, he may have had a little too much to drink some times before we started out ride. That certainly would never be allowed now! Once in the winter we were going down a hill and it was icy. Soon we heard him yell “HANG ON”! We were headed towards a T intersection with a creek at the bottom. He finally put the bus in the ditch so that we didn’t go off into the creek. Luckily no one was hurt and yes it was an adventure for all of us kids. For those of you that never had the pleasure of riding the bus to school, I am sorry you are missing all of those wonderful memories!


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