Elderly Parents Part Two

Published May 12, 2011 by jeaniel47

Today my husband says, “did you plant something in your mom’s rock garden that has yellow flowers?”. “Yes.” I say. My mom has a large flower garden in the front of her house and a couple of years ago I dug out all of the weeds and tried to make it a rock garden with more perennial plants, so we don’t have to plant so much every year. This year I added 3 new perennials. When I called my mom, she also tells about the beautiful yellow flower that is blooming, it is just gorgeous. My husband begs me to go and take a look, so I drive down to moms. The plant is about 18 inches tall and 10 inches across and yes it is a dandelion. My mother still was not sure, as I gripped the bottom and pulled her beautiful plant out of the garden. She had a forlorn look on her face as she was sure that I had pulled the most beautiful plant in her garden. Sometimes I wonder why I even try… you just have got to love elderly parents!


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