Weight Loss

Published May 28, 2011 by jeaniel47

When you get to be my age I have to honestly say that some times you no longer care that you are over weight. Who is left to try and impress? You’ve been married for 30 years and life is pretty much the same each and every day.  Do I wish I was thinner, yes, but maybe not enough to do anything about it. You just get to a point where it is just easier to not care anymore. Still I wonder should I accept that? Should I make one more real effort to try and lose the disgusting extra pounds… yes I am truly thinking about it. I am thinking that maybe if I do it with all of you watching, that would be the incentive I need to make it happen. Yet am I brave enough to do this with you watching? What do you think? Should I try? Does anyone want to try with me?


2 comments on “Weight Loss

  • I agree that over all health is the most important and weight loss should be key to that. I am blessed for being 50+ and no medicine on a daily basis, so think I should try to keep it that way!

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