Lake Property

Published August 2, 2011 by jeaniel47

Well for almost a year we have been trying to buy some property at the lake. There is an old cabin on the property that we want to take down and someday build a small summer cabin. There was no view of the lake, but still it was nice, just being out with tons of tall trees covering the ground. Well… finally it came down to the sellers accepting our offer and we were getting closer to our dream. We were to close on a Friday when we found out that there was a problem with 6 foot of the property and mind you this is 100 feet by 175 feet property. Seems way back when the neighbor and the owner had swapped 6 feet and now those 6 feet were on the neighbors loan on his property, even though they were part of the property for sale. No close on Friday. Then along comes the storm of a life time and the entire lake area has massive damage. You can not even see the grass on the property that we want to buy because it is covered with trees. Hmmmm….. maybe a good thing we didn’t close that weekend, as now it has to be cleaned up by the owner, not us. God works in mysterious ways! Another month going back and forth with the owner and the tree guy and finally we say we can deal with the rest and we close. The property is ours!!!! Because of the storm, we now have a lake view! Almost ever cabin and house on the lake was damaged, except of course the one we want torn down…. guess that will come later. We have been happily working out there all week, still cleaning up the remains of the storm. Somehow sitting in 100 degree temperatures, burning the limbs we have been picking up is not how I envisioned sitting around a camp fire at the lake….


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