Giant Killer Bees in Iowa

Published August 16, 2011 by jeaniel47

Yes I had heard about Giant Killer Bees – in Southern United States…. Sunday we were sitting at the lake taking a break from our work, when this weird bug fell to the ground carrying a larvae. It was about 3 feet from me and I could see it quite well. I watched as it walked across the ground and then up a tree, still carrying the larvae. When I got home I looked it up on the internet and found it to be a Giant Killer Bee. I was surprised and I never really thought they would come this far north. I called the DNR and they don’t do anything with insects. I also called ISU and they said they had had about 20 calls in the past week of sightings. He said just leave them alone and they won’t bother you…. not that is not what I have heard or read on the internet….do I trust what he knows? He is the expert, still have you looked at one of these things???? They are  huge!!! Leave them alone and they won’t bother you… we are trying to clean out the fence line on our lake lots….where are they? how do I leave them alone if I don’t know where they are???? Do they know that I was here first???? Do they care???? I am betting not!

On Monday my husband was talking with the neighbor about it. He was working on residing his house and he showed my husband the bee that was bothering him while he was working and yes, it also was a Giant Killer Bee. I am beginning to think they are following me!!!!

Anyway, I am here to tell you Giant Killer Bees have made their way to Iowa!!!

I first picture is the one that the neighbor killed in his back yard. The other picture is borrowed from the internet, just so you can really see what they look like. They are a good 2 inches in length and are HUGE!!!!


3 comments on “Giant Killer Bees in Iowa

  • Thank you! I was gathering some grass hay from out of a grain bin on the property yesterday,when i felt a pain in my wrist. There was a vig black wasp stinging me,so i dropped the hay into the wheel barrow to swat it wgen a swam of those bees flew up out of the hay! I grabbed my 2 year old and ran killing the one stinging the back of my head. Today our puppy was attacked by one in the same area of the yard. What do we do now? Its close to my house door.

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