Eldery Parents

Published September 3, 2011 by jeaniel47

Recently one of my aunts passed away. She was 98, so it was not a surprise. I told my mom that I would take her to the funeral. I was taking her to the Dollar General to get her cereal bars, a necessity in her house and on the way she asked me if Ernie (one of my aunts sons) was married…. where did he live… does he have children. I answered all of her questions. On the way home we were talking and again she asked, where does Ernie live….is he married…does he have children. I answered again, knowing what this was a sign of and not wanting to really think about it. At the funeral we were sitting in the basement waiting for the family prayer before the service and she asked me…where does Ernie live…is he married….does he have children….again I answered all of her questions. We hadn’t sat there long when Ernie walked up to her and she did not know who he was. He told her, with surprise in his voice that she did not know him. After the service and at the lunch, she ran into him again and here come the questions…. where do you live…. are you married… do you have children….Yes I know this may well be a sign of Alzheimer’s, as we dealt with that with my step father. It is a horrible disease and I have to admit, I don’t want to do it again. I don’t want this it happen to my mom. She knows the nastiness of what can happen and she also does not want to deal with it. I tried talking to her about getting tested, but she didn’t want to hear about it. So on a daily basis I deal with the repeat questions, knowing that I should do more and yet not wanting to admit what is happening….


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