A New Year, A New Life Day One

Published January 1, 2012 by jeaniel47

Well it again is a new year and so far it has gone OK. I had oatmeal for breakfast, fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe & grapes) for a morning snack and a salad for lunch. The salad consisted of lettuce, green peppers, peas, olives, dried cranberries, fresh mushrooms and a little bit of dressing. I will have to say, it tasted awesome. Also, I can’t say that I remember that grapes are so sweet. I thought my taste buds have gotten so used to the sugar substitutes that are ten times sweeter, I didn’t think I would notice how sweet the fruit really is. I am on my third big glass of water and will have to say I have made more trips to the bathroom than normal, but I am sure my kidneys are happy.I find myself wondering if that water is helping to flush out all of those toxins from my chemical laden old body.

I find myself craving salt and not sure how to deal with that at this point. I want to get some soy nuts, just have not done that yet.

The number is 227 and BMI = 34.5


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