New Year, New Life Day Two

Published January 2, 2012 by jeaniel47

We I made it through the first day, not as well as I had hoped, but still I made it. All started out well with oatmeal for breakfast, then a bowl of fresh fruit. I had a great salad for lunch and then in the afternoon my will power went to hell. I ate cheese crackers and a mini candy bar. I found I could not stop. It was as if I was possessed! Today is a new day and I am having oatmeal with cranberries for breakfast. We will go one hour at a time!

I am going to try and paint some plastic gourds today to keep me occupied. We have had these gourds for years and they were to be martin houses. We have never had a martin, so now I am going to paint them and we are going to put them up at the lake. I love to paint, am not the best, but still find it rewarding. I am looking at the internet to get my inspiration. I have to have something to look at when I paint, I  can not just paint something. I always start out so excited and lots of times end up quite disappointed as my hands do not do what my brain sees. Oh well, we will give it a try and see what happens.

The number is 226


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