New Year, New Life Day Four

Published January 4, 2012 by jeaniel47

Well it is back to work today. Hope we are busy, that tends to keep my mind off of food. Think I will take gum today, maybe that will make my mouth happy….lol. I have been really bad at drinking water, that at least seems to be easier at work. We have a great ice machine and the ice cold water does taste good. Also have heard that ice cold makes your body work harder, so you burn more calories. Another thing that I read was you should weigh yourself everyday, people who do weigh less. My guess there is that you are more aware of what is going on and less likely to eat what you should not.

Just about all of the “bad” foods are out of the house. I know they say to throw them away, but with the price of groceries I have a hard time doing that. Ron finished off the oyster crackers last night, so at least that salty item is now gone.

Poor Trooper does not like this much at all. He always got bites of our meals and not much he likes now. I do have to say though that he loves cantaloupe and watermelon… one strange dog!

The number is 225


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