New Year, New Life Day Three

Published January 4, 2012 by jeaniel47

Another is almost past and I did really well until those darn chocolate covered cherries from Christmas called me this afternoon. Well, at least they are now gone and can’t tempt me anymore. Tonight I may Garlic Chicken Rice A Roni and added carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, water chestnuts and a can of chicken. It was really good and mostly vegetables. Even Ron liked it!

Last night we started eating our evening meal at the table in the kitchen. This is another thing that the Blue Zones recommends. Turn off the TV and actually have to talk to each other – though that is not really a problem for Ron and I, we really do spend a lot of time talking. Anyway as we ate last night Ron decided that he needed to go to the refrigerator in the garage and get a bottle of water to set on his night stand, as he gets thirsty in the middle of the night. As we talked I asked him if he had any extra rolls of paper towels in the garage and he said he would check. When we were done eating all we could remember was that he needed to get paper towels, we couldn’t think of the bottle of water. Finally we remembered the water and then we couldn’t remember the paper towels. We both laughed until tears rolled down our cheeks… it is hell getting old, but the Blue Zones talks about laughter too and we covered that part, that is for sure.

The number is 225


One comment on “New Year, New Life Day Three

  • I’m glad to hear you set the standards high this year; I think we all need positive goals to set for the next year and on as well. As long as you got a list together then you’re already on the right track.Hope you had a great new year’s day and I look forward to reading more:))

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