New Year, New Life Day Five

Published January 5, 2012 by jeaniel47

A day without chocolate – woo hoo I made it through an entire day and the chocolate devil did not get me. That is a big accomplishment for me, as I am an admitted chocoholic! Anyway you can have chocolate, I like it….love it. White, milk, dark, it doesn’t matter it all tastes good to me. I have often said I feel that a lot of my weight problem is that I like the taste of food. I think I eat more to get the taste, than I am hungry. I like the different textures of food, I like the feel of “crunch”. I think making it through the first day with out chocolate is a step in the right direction!

Ron is not so sure about this new way to eat, as now he has a cold. It must be because of the way we are eating now….lol. What always amazes me about a man is no matter what is wrong with them, they are dying. It is the worst that they have ever felt in their whole life! and then the next thing out of his mouth is – what can I eat? Anyone who has ever been really sick, knows that eating does no longer feels like a priority when you are really sick. So if Ron asks for food I am pretty sure he is not dying.

The number is 225


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