Birth Control

Published March 13, 2012 by jeaniel47

As I listen to the news this issue on birth control tends to get my dander up. You can’t tell me that there is a heterosexual man who doesn’t prefer it when a woman takes care of the birth control issue. Just like they prefer when there clothes is clean and in the closet, or they sit down and a hot meal is ready for them. It is just a fact of life, step up guys and admit it!

If “the pill” had been invented for a man instead of a woman insurance companies would have covered the cost of it long ago, just as they do for Viagra.

Also, I don’t believe that your employer or your church should decide for you when you can and can not have a child. That should be a very personal choice between you and your spouse. You are the ones that are responsible for raising that child into the best person they can be. You are responsible for the cost of raising that child, why should they have any say what so ever in when you make that choice?

And them to say it is no different than insurance companies not paying for a gym membership, they should not pay for birth control….. did you actually let those words out of your mouth?????? What are you thinking??????


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