Yes, I did…

Published September 2, 2012 by jeaniel47

Yes I did… I turned on the air conditioning for the dog. He was sitting in the living room looking at Ron and I, almost saying “what happened to the cool air? Can’t you feel how hot it is in here’? The drool hung from his mouth, almost to the floor. I swear this dog was a sled dog in a previous life. He pulls on his leash, all four paws digging in, and you had better hang on. It doesn’t matter how you try to stop him, he has places to go and things to smell. When we take him to the park, he goes 100 miles per hour, non stop, it is the best treat we can give him. You can almost visualize him plowing through the snow. This is the first house we have ever had with air conditioning, so thank goodness we didn’t get the dog until after we moved here. Yes, man and women love their dogs.


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