OMG the Future Queen of England has Boobs

Published September 16, 2012 by jeaniel47

When did it become a NEWSFLASH that women have boobs?

Kate was spending PRIVATE time with her husband, and let’s remember that they are newlyweds. It’s not like she was walking down the streets of London naked! She is an amazing woman, put in a life of stress that none of us will ever fully understand, and she is doing a wonderful job. Just think for one minute how this stupidity must really make her feel, or as a society have we forgotten what it feels like to have our feelings hurt?

How many of you would have liked to have pictures taken of you and your spouse during your first year of marriage during your private time. I am betting not many. Shame on the photographer for taking these pictures, shame on the editors who published them. I think we need to find naked pictures of them and publish world wide, I wonder how they would like it.

Leave Kate alone!


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