Walk In the Woods

Published September 23, 2012 by jeaniel47

We went to the lake this morning. It was a crisp, sunny day in Iowa. After we drove around the lake I pulled into a little park that is near the spillway of the lake. You have to walk across a bridge to get to the path. It is newly refurbished with bright boards, replaced after years of so many different people walking across the bridge. Trooper is on his leash and looking through the railings of the bridge and silently I think, don’t do it Trooper, don’t jump. He is fearless and I know what he was thinking! We made safely across the bridge, Trooper leading, dragging me along, Ron bringing up the rear. We walk up the dirt path, covered with tree branches and some leaves that are starting to fall from the trees. The sun filters down through the tree canopies, casting shadows. When we get to the top of the first path, we are at the spillway, but there is no water. It has been a dry summer in Iowa. You can look down from the wooden railing to see where the water normally runs, across limestone rocks that have fallen from the surrounding bluffs. Trooper and I take another path and find we are at a grassy area next to the lake. Two boats are out on the clear, glass lake. Peaceful is the only word that can describe it. Trooper and I walk back to where Ron is sitting on a large rock, just enjoying the absolute beauty of it. I ask him how the water gets to the spillway and he explains that if we keep walking we can see. Normally I don’t think you could get to where we went next. Trooper and I trek down to where water normally runs and I try to walk through the maze of rocks, it is a rugged path, and more difficult when Trooper thinks we should run. You also have to know that he snorts when he is excited, so that echos against the rock walls on both sides of us. Finally we make our way to then end and there is another spillway. Ron has walked along what should be the bank. There is a marker and you can see that the lake is down about 1 1/2 feet from where is normally is. In front of us is the lake glistening in the morning sun.  There is not a sound, other than Trooper taking in all of the smells he has never smelled before. In his world, this is perfect day and I think I have to agree. There are not really words to describe the beauty, the peacefulness, the amazing feeling… life is good.


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