Somebody is Out to Get Me!

Published September 29, 2012 by jeaniel47

Yesterday I was driving to a computer class, going 45 on a four lane highway and twice a car turned right in front of me.

Today driving back from the lake, I have the right of way, going to make a left hand turn. There is a pickup at the stop sign on my left and a car at the stop sign on my right. First the pickup pulls out in front of me (I am literally turning the steering wheel to turn). I get stopped and do not hit him and I’ll be darned if the other car doesn’t pull out and try to go cross the highway exactly where I am stopped.

Then we go to Sam’s club. I have all of my items in the car, so I put the cart away. I am walking behind a car who decides to back up. It I had not put my old butt into high gear, she would have run me over!

From there I drive two blocks. I am in the left lane going to turn left. There is a car in the right lane, (right turn only lane) and (I bet you can guess by now) the car in the right lane, turns left right in front of me!

Now I am sitting in my recliner and refuse to go anywhere else today!


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