NEWS FLASH – Cocker Spaniel Goes to the Bathroom

Published October 14, 2012 by jeaniel47

As many of you know I have a cocker spaniel named Trooper. He is absolutely the most unique dog that I have ever had the pleasure to call part of my family. This morning it is raining, which we haven’t had much of this year, actually we are in a severe drought. Trooper does not like the rain, OK actually he hates the rain, which makes no sense to me what so ever. He is a cocker SPANIEL, they are hunting dogs. You can see shows all the time where they are jumping into water to retrieve their prey, but not mine.

Our morning routine is after I brush my teeth he knows he finally gets to go outside. So I hook him to his leash and open the front door, just as we do every day. I open the door for him to go out and he sticks his nose out, sees that it is raining and immediately puts him self in reverse and then shakes as if he has been out in the rain for an hour. I try to coax him to the door and he is having NONE of it. In fact he goes and sits on Ron’s lap. It is not going to happen, he will just hold it.

About an hour later he comes to me and scratches my arm, which tells me he needs to go out. Apparently he has decided he can’t hold it any longer. I try to tell him it is still raining, but he insists. So again we try. I open the door and looks at me like “will you please make the rain stop”. I tell him sorry, it’s now or never. So he inches out the door. Lifts each paw like he is stepping on hot coals. He looks at me almost talking,  “are you kidding, you sent me out in this”? I tell him to go potty, so he walks over lifts a leg and immediately puts it down. He thinks he has fooled me. Well let me tell you I am old enough to know better. He is standing at the door looking at me like I did it, let me in. Nope, you are out there go to the bathroom! Finally we have success, the cocker spaniel goes to the bathroom! Thank goodness we don’t live where there are monsoons….


2 comments on “NEWS FLASH – Cocker Spaniel Goes to the Bathroom

  • There have been times when he could not go out until I go out with him. I think because that is what I did when he was little, and he is a creature of habit. I am pretty sure that he would just growl at an open umbrealla. He gets very nervous around things he is not used too. Luckily the rain should be over soon and life will get back to normal.

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