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The Joys of Getting Old

Published November 19, 2012 by jeaniel47

Several years ago I went to the doctor because I had stomach pain. They did a CT and found nothing. I had the lovely yearly woman check, though I had had a hysterectomy years before. They sent me to have my shriveled up little ovaries looked at and yup they were still there. They finally told that it must be adhesions from my surgeries.

About four years ago I left work and told my co-worker it was cold, she told me no it isn’t. On the way home the real stomach pain started. If you have ever been in labor, it felt like I was trying to deliver a ten pound baby. When I got home, I gave in and told my husband that I needed to go to the ER. The triage nurse told me that I had a fever, no wonder I thought it was cold. Another CT and this time the diagnosis was diverticulitis and I would need to stay in the hospital over night. Well, four days later I begged to go home. All I was doing was getting an IV antibiotic every four hours. Yes, my stomach still hurt, but the boredom was worse than the pain. I am glad to say that I recovered and went back to just the “normal” stomach pain. It is not anything that I can’t deal with, it is just there.

Over the past year I have been blessed to have 3 more bouts of diverticulitis. The last time I stayed in the hospital for several hours getting antibiotics and then went home on more. Several weeks later I went to my family doctor and told him that the pain still was not gone. It wasn’t the”normal” pain, though still I could deal with it, just thought it should be checked. He sent me to a specialist. I told him my story and he told me “I don’t think it is your colon.”

He finally decided that I should have another CT. The day after the CT there was a message on the machine to call his office. Well, I work in the medical field and this is not normally good news. I called and they said I was to come in the next day to discuss the results. I can tell you that they don’t call you in to give you good news. She then asked it I usually brought family with me, I said I could and she told me that would be a good idea, this is another warning sign. The 24 hours until that appointment seemed like a lifetime. The next day my husband and I sat in the doctor’s office and I could read the computer screen over his shoulder. I will never forget what I could read. “Highly likely carcinoma of the colon with bladder involvement, metastasized to the pelvic wall”. Honestly, I blinked back the tears. The doctor who said he didn’t think it was my colon was now quite concerned. The colon was too inflamed to do any tests, I had to wait ten days. Those were some VERY long days. I spent a lot of time thinking about my life and what I still wanted to do. I tried to talk to my husband about life insurance and such, but he would have none of it.The day of the test came and thankfully all was fine. It was just a really bad case of diverticulitis. The doctor said “NO cancer. No Cancer!” I think he may have been happier than even I was.

I still had to go to the bladder doctor and he too put a camera where cameras don’t belong, and again all was fine. OK, life back to normal. Six weeks later I had to have a recheck with the colon doctor. I go in not really sure why I am there, all of the tests were fine, so I expect a ten minute appointment. I was wrong again. Now he is concerned that my diverticulitis is “extreme”  and HE wants a second opinion. He is sending me to the university to see if that specialist agrees that I need a colon resection. Oh boy, that sounds like fun. I have been through major surgery before. When I had my hysterectomy they cut the right ureter by mistake and I had to have bladder surgery on top of the hysterectomy. I had a bladder bag then for six weeks, that I could deal with. The thought of maybe having a colon bag does NOT thrill me at all.

I tell you all of this, not to complain. I will deal with whatever needs to be done. I share so that maybe if you have something that doesn’t seem quite right, continue to ask. The doctor’s work for you. You are paying them. Also, please get the recommended tests at the recommended ages. Yes, I did a colonoscopy at fifty and have had to have two since then. The prep for the test is not fun, but it just might save your life. Get your annual physical. Get your mammogram. No one looks forward to having these things done, but they set the recommendations for a reason – to save your life.

I have a wonderful husband, two amazing children and three adorable grandchildren. I am not ready to leave them yet, so I do what I need to do, and pray that you will too.


Birth Control

Published March 13, 2012 by jeaniel47

As I listen to the news this issue on birth control tends to get my dander up. You can’t tell me that there is a heterosexual man who doesn’t prefer it when a woman takes care of the birth control issue. Just like they prefer when there clothes is clean and in the closet, or they sit down and a hot meal is ready for them. It is just a fact of life, step up guys and admit it!

If “the pill” had been invented for a man instead of a woman insurance companies would have covered the cost of it long ago, just as they do for Viagra.

Also, I don’t believe that your employer or your church should decide for you when you can and can not have a child. That should be a very personal choice between you and your spouse. You are the ones that are responsible for raising that child into the best person they can be. You are responsible for the cost of raising that child, why should they have any say what so ever in when you make that choice?

And them to say it is no different than insurance companies not paying for a gym membership, they should not pay for birth control….. did you actually let those words out of your mouth?????? What are you thinking??????

New Year, New Life Day Eleven

Published January 11, 2012 by jeaniel47

Well, it sounds like winter is about to arrive in Iowa, in full force…..oh boy. We could have gone all winter without snow and I would not have cared. I hate driving on nasty roads.

Yesterday actually went pretty well, I kept my willpower a little more in control, thank goodness. One day down, and on to the next one. Just keep thinking – “I hate junk food”… we’ll see what happens….

The number is 223 (yeah! a little change!)

New Year,New Life Day Ten

Published January 10, 2012 by jeaniel47

Well, I missed writing yesterday, worked a twelve-hour day and just didn’t feel like it last night. Wished I could have missed the entire day all the way around. I had no will power what so ever and that is my main thought this morning. How am I ever going to change that? What is going to give me the power to change? I used to use a little trick and not sure if it will work or not. When going to sleep at night just think over and over “I hate junk food”. It is a mind game and I think maybe I will try that again. Kind of a hypnosis kind of thing. Got to try something, cause right now nothing is working….

The number is 226

New Year, New Life Day Eight

Published January 8, 2012 by jeaniel47

Well, we have made it through the first week, some good, some bad. We definitely have eaten a LOT more fruits and vegetables than we are used to eating. Yesterday we were in town and find the easy choices almost non-existent, so we made the wrong choices, slipping back into old habits. Last night when we got home, I was exhausted and it was so much easier to just order a pizza and I have to admit, it tasted really good. Shame on us!!! Thank goodness this is a new week and a new start. I have to go the grocery store soon and at least I am in the right frame of mind before I go, that should help. I find it is hard to break years of old habits and tastes, but our journey goes on,  one week of some good choices is still better than no good choices at all!!!

The number is 224

New Day, New Life Day Seven

Published January 7, 2012 by jeaniel47

Yes, it is 4 o’clock in th morning and I am up. Going to help with the Health Fair this morning. Maybe it will inspire me and my willpower. Yesterday I had absolutely none of either. I started out good and then I lost all willpower. I even ate a candy car, that damn chocolate. Why can’t I as an adult, an old adult have some willpower? This is ridicules! I did eat a salad for lunch and then took the cheeseballs too, that was stupid. I have plenty of inspiration, my age, my health, my son’s upcoming wedding… where the heck is the willpower????

The number is 224

New Year, New Life Day Five

Published January 5, 2012 by jeaniel47

A day without chocolate – woo hoo I made it through an entire day and the chocolate devil did not get me. That is a big accomplishment for me, as I am an admitted chocoholic! Anyway you can have chocolate, I like it….love it. White, milk, dark, it doesn’t matter it all tastes good to me. I have often said I feel that a lot of my weight problem is that I like the taste of food. I think I eat more to get the taste, than I am hungry. I like the different textures of food, I like the feel of “crunch”. I think making it through the first day with out chocolate is a step in the right direction!

Ron is not so sure about this new way to eat, as now he has a cold. It must be because of the way we are eating now….lol. What always amazes me about a man is no matter what is wrong with them, they are dying. It is the worst that they have ever felt in their whole life! and then the next thing out of his mouth is – what can I eat? Anyone who has ever been really sick, knows that eating does no longer feels like a priority when you are really sick. So if Ron asks for food I am pretty sure he is not dying.

The number is 225