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Barnes and Noble

Published November 5, 2012 by jeaniel47

I just set up all of my books to be available on Barnes and in ebook format. They should be available in 24 for 72 hours for all of the NOOK users. It was just as easy as using and I didn’t even know it was available until my daughter  had friends asking for my books on NOOK.  Amazing what you can find when you take the time to look. Happy Reading! (Just in case there is anyone else who might be looking it is under PubIt!)


I’m a Mass Murderer, Sister to the Future Queen of England, A Washed Out Rock Star…

Published October 27, 2012 by jeaniel47

I am  mass murderer, sister to the future queen of England, a washed out rock star…OK, I am not any of those, but if I was my books would be instant best sellers. I may not ever write the great American novel, but I do have followers who buy my books just as soon as they are available, so for that I guess I should be happy. I just wish I could figure out this marketing thing and increase my readers. Any help? Please let me know what you do to promote your books. Happy Reading!

It Happened in Vegas

Published October 27, 2012 by jeaniel47

My newest book is now available at in ebook format. Paperback coming soon. Happy Reading!!

Mallory couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Brad was divorcing her to marry his secretary, who just happened to be pregnant something that had not happened to Mallory. Her life was torn apart in the blink of an eye. When her boss gave her a weekend trip to Vegas she considered not going. Little did she know how that trip would change her life, she would meet Nate. He was younger than she was, why would he want to be with her? That weekend trip leads to friendship, love and then kidnapping and murder.

Book Synopsis

Published October 18, 2012 by jeaniel47

I freely admit that I hate writing a synopsis of my books. Once I write the last word, I want to be done. Yes, I go back and spell check and all of that stuff that I dislike, but know I need to do. In my heart and mind I am just ready to move on to the next story.

It is probably a good thing that I do not have an agent or editor, because making changes would drive me nuts.

Then finally I work on the synopsis. How do I tell you enough to get you interested, but not tell you the entire story. I do not tell you everything that will happen on purpose. There is nothing that I hate more as a reader when an author tells me the entire story. There is no surprise left. Nothing to look forward to when you have already told me how it will end.

I find as a reader, I will never read the entire synopsis, afraid that you are going to tell me more than I want to know. I like the story to unfold. I like the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen. If you are going to tell me the entire story, why should I waste my time reading it?

If you are an author I would love to know how you handle this.

If you are a reader, let me know if you agree or disagree with me.

Happy Reading!

I Feel Guilty When I am Not Writing…

Published October 14, 2012 by jeaniel47

OK, I have to admit it. I feel guilty when I am not writing. The reason for the guilt is that I feel like I have stranded the characters and left them in never never land. I know what is going to happen to them, but still they are stranded until I type the words. It is almost as if they are nagging at me to please type so that they can move on with the story. They have become my friends,and are waiting for me. They become so real to me when I am writing, I know every thought and feeling that they have, so now it is time to write and rescue my friends….

NEWS FLASH – Cocker Spaniel Goes to the Bathroom

Published October 14, 2012 by jeaniel47

As many of you know I have a cocker spaniel named Trooper. He is absolutely the most unique dog that I have ever had the pleasure to call part of my family. This morning it is raining, which we haven’t had much of this year, actually we are in a severe drought. Trooper does not like the rain, OK actually he hates the rain, which makes no sense to me what so ever. He is a cocker SPANIEL, they are hunting dogs. You can see shows all the time where they are jumping into water to retrieve their prey, but not mine.

Our morning routine is after I brush my teeth he knows he finally gets to go outside. So I hook him to his leash and open the front door, just as we do every day. I open the door for him to go out and he sticks his nose out, sees that it is raining and immediately puts him self in reverse and then shakes as if he has been out in the rain for an hour. I try to coax him to the door and he is having NONE of it. In fact he goes and sits on Ron’s lap. It is not going to happen, he will just hold it.

About an hour later he comes to me and scratches my arm, which tells me he needs to go out. Apparently he has decided he can’t hold it any longer. I try to tell him it is still raining, but he insists. So again we try. I open the door and looks at me like “will you please make the rain stop”. I tell him sorry, it’s now or never. So he inches out the door. Lifts each paw like he is stepping on hot coals. He looks at me almost talking,  “are you kidding, you sent me out in this”? I tell him to go potty, so he walks over lifts a leg and immediately puts it down. He thinks he has fooled me. Well let me tell you I am old enough to know better. He is standing at the door looking at me like I did it, let me in. Nope, you are out there go to the bathroom! Finally we have success, the cocker spaniel goes to the bathroom! Thank goodness we don’t live where there are monsoons….